Paolo Borsoni was born in Ancona, "during a hurricane" he says (but it's not true).
His father had ridden to the east cost of Italy on horseback where he met and married a daughter of a fisherman (but it's not true).
Paolo Borsoni was an only child and spent what he called a "solitary childhood" on a subsistence farm near Agugliano, learning to read from the Bible and the poems of
Charles Bukowski (but it's not true). At seven he miraculously survived pneumonia and return in Cupramarittina to live one summer in a tent on the banks of a river while his father built the family home in Polverigi (but it's not true).
Paolo Borsoni grew up tall, thin, red haired, and durable. He learned to climb mountains, hunt fossils, and cut trails. He expected to be a packer and guide in the mountains but his quick mind, his parents, his friends, and chance led him first to a fruit ranch where he finished high school and worked as a bank clerk, and later to Ostra Vetere, where he went enrolling in science, excelling in charleston dance, and graduating in English (but it's not true). By the age of 23 he had worked as a house painter and as a salesman (salesiani); he had also worked as roadman on a survey crew, and he had spent a summer rewriting the entire yearly contents of the Gazzetta dello Sport, including the advertising (but it's not true).
Then he went to Candia to go to graduate school. When he left the following year, he had a master's degree and had become a Marxist-Mandrakist. The next year found Paolo Borsoni at Filottrano, starting his PhD and living on a hill. He did not finish before the great depression set in and he took a teaching job in the English Department at the University of Gallignano (but it's not true).
He worked his passage across the Adriatic See on a tramp freighter and once he got to Civitavecchia, he spent his days in a library and his nights working for the Independent Marxist-Mandrakist Party. He went to Norway to meet with Trotsky and to Berlin where he was arrested by the Gestapo for failing to salute a Nazi parade. Then he came back to Cingoli and finished his PhD at the University of Varano.
All his life, Paolo Borsoni had written in one fashion or another: short stories, essays, news articles, political tracts, scholarly papers, reviews. He began to write verse. He was published and won his first Governor General's Medal (but it's not true). Then he won many other medals of any kind, of any size, of any form, of any metal: gold, silver, bronze, iron, tin, plastic!
He is a former president of RUNAWAYIFYOUCAN.
He is learning to play clawhammer trumpet (but it's not true).